Series 700 Windows

700 Series
Casement/Awning/Picture Window/Bay & Bow Windows

Give Your Home a New Dimension with This Classic Beauty


  • Attractive Beveled Master Frame Is 3/4″ Thick. Both Frame & Sash Are Welded for Greater Strength. Sealed Corners Prevent Air & Water Infiltration
  • Concealed Hinges & Operator Hardware Gives Clean Look & Allows Full 90° Opening for More Ventilation & Easy Cleaning from Inside the Home
  • Double, Full-Perimeter Weather-Stripping Assures Weathertight Seal
  • 3/4″ Insulated Glass
  • Full Screen Included
  • Replacement or New Construction
  • Painting of Specialty Colors Now Available on Windows
  • Real Wood Interiors Available with White Exterior
  • Optional—Grid Patterns, Low E Glass, Argon Gas, Frosted Glass, Tempered Glass, & Other Specialty Glass Also Available

Bow window from inside living room

When you want a window that adds drama to a room, look to the Series 700 windows in Elmwood Park, NJ, from Dor-Win Mfg. These casements windows are custom-made to your specifications, resulting in bay, bow, and picture windows that offer beautiful lines and 100% ventilation. Read all about the merits of this style:

Ventilation Advantages
The Series 700 casement window permits 100% ventilation, 50% more than conventional double hung or slider units. The panels swing open a full 90° and are easily accessible for cleaning from inside. The screen is mounted on the inside, staying clean longer and is easily removed when desired.

More Energy Efficient
The Series 700 is your ultimate light and energy solution born from today’s most advanced vinyl window technology. The windows are designed to provide high resistance to heat loss or gain throughout the year. Vinyl has insulating qualities comparable to wood yet none of wood’s disadvantages—such as rotting, cracking, and the constant need for painting and expensive maintenance. In fact, the thermally fused multi-chambered extrusions and 3/4″ double glazing trap “still air” for more effective insulation. Tests have proven that vinyl insulates 1,400 times better than aluminum.

An Attractive Accent to Your Home
The beautiful classic beveled frame and slim lines make the Series 700 one of our most popular lines. Virtually maintenance-free, the colors are integrated throughout the vinyl— not just the surface. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent is all that is required to keep the surfaces looking their best.

Each Unit Custom-Made for You
After careful measuring, the units are made to order expressly for your installation. This assures best fit with a minimum of expensive carpentry and finishing.

Bow, Bay & Picture Window Combinations
The Series 700 casement provides a wide choice of styles and combinations. The bay can be mulled into 30° and 45°. The bay or bow units add a new dimension to any room. Whether you want a box-bay for maximum projection, uneven lites for wider views, or multi-lites for (up to 7 across) panoramic views, the Series 700 is a perfect choice. Each bay or bow unit comes fully assembled from the factory with a seat board, headboard, and side jams.

700 series-3L

TESTED and PROVEN BY INDEPENDENT LABORATORIES to meet or exceed the highest standard for “U” Value and CRF Rating set by ASNI/AAMA.

The beauty, operating ease, and energy efficiency of the Series 700 can be easily adapted to any architectural style. Contemporary or classic design can be enhanced by the flexibility of the Series 700. Just pick the style, combination, and color you like best.

Contact us today to incorporate the beauty of casement windows in your construction project. Located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, we manufacture and distribute our products throughout the United States and overseas.